Rest all power calculation

I’m new and my sensors weren’t calibrated, The FTP and zMAX and vomax are way off and it is not going down with new valid workouts. Is there a way to reset it? start over the calculation. I don’t mind removing the history and going back to level 1.

I couldn’t find a way to send a question to the support

You can manually alter your FTP which will in turn adjust the workout power requirements. I’d do another FTP test based on your new equipment setup and accept that.

If you’re not racing in the near future then that’s all you need to do.

If you’re racing then you need to reach out to support to ask for assistance otherwise in category enforced races you’ll be forced into a category that’s perhaps not your true capability.
Looks like you’ve been all over recording on power so you’ll be forced into Cat A.

@Run.10K.Every.Day changing the FTP manually does not change all the other calculations like group.
I would like to see a progress and stuck with an invalid numbers. I can open a new account but I think that my scenario is pretty common for newbies and I couldn’t find a way to solve it even by doing level 1 workout

One more thing, how do I contact support using email? There is a bot that keep me in an endless loop of questions… running 10K is easier

If you want to reset your Category Enforcement numbers so your pace group and personal best numbers are appropriate, write to and explain what happened. They have the ability to fix it for you.

Lol, depends how fast you run it. :laughing:

Paul is spot on with the email address and advice if you need the days resetting.
I just offered you a quick solution so you could do workouts without Zwift trying to snap your legs.

Hi @Hanoh_Haim. I’m Juan from Zwift. Thank you for seeking help in our community. A miscalibration can definitely ruin your Zwift experience. Don’t be discouraged.

I see that you’ve already opened a support ticket. I’ve emailed you, and I will connect you to the right Community Support Colleague in Zwift Support.