Train vs. race, vs. riding for fun

(Kurt Stock) #1

I know a lot of us have different goals when riding on the Zwift platform. I’ve seen other riders taunt me and I’ve done the same. It’d be nice to have some type of indicator on the type of riding you are doing. For example, if it’s your recovery night, there is some type of indicator next to your name. Or, if it’s your “go for it” night that is indicated as well.

(Ron Skinner) #2

my theory is if you have time to type you are probably not going flat out… ;-). I find that the platform does not work if I want to do a recovery or structured ride unless I am super disciplined and that is hard to do. I agree it the type of ride indicator was available it might help but there will always be some shmuck who indicates recovery and goes all out to inflate their ego. I have suggested this elsewhere, that it would be really nice if there were parallel worlds, where say only smart trainers are on line, or maybe different ride strategies such as recovery or structured workouts. Also just like in the real world there are times I just want to do a solo ride, maybe that can be possible as well? I want to do a ride in an interesting environment but not bothered by other people flying by.