Different group ride TYPES

It would be cool to have different group ride TYPES that the group leader could select from when setup a group ride: a FAST RIDE TYPE for riders who want a fast pace, a WORKOUT TYPE where riders in the group could workout together and receive the same workout prompts in real time, and finally a casual NO-DROP RIDE TYPE where riders could just ride together and chat like a recovery ride. Perhaps another group ride TYPE could include mini-games where riders in the group can engage in challenges, like sprinting or climbing, amongst each other within the group without have to compete with ALL riders on Zwift.
Then of course a group leader could specify a target speed or power that the group would ride at.

It would be like saying, “last one to the cafe buys the drinks.”

I thought there were already groups rides like this (I don’t do group rides so not sure).

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We’ve got group workouts now. Just use the Zwift companion app and enable the group workout filter option to find rides. Problem with these rides is you’re essentially speed limited by the slowest rider so if someone with an FTP of 100 is riding you crawl along at snail pace.

Regular group rides usually include watts/kg guidelines so you know whether it’s going to be fast, medium or slow.

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How about mini-games within group rides?

Some group rides have “mini games” like who can sprint the fastest of who can take the KOM, some have a race on the last lap.