ToW Stage 4 - no powerups

Anyone else find that the were no powerups in the Jungle? I did the 10am GMT A stage.

Edit - just seen people reporting the same in the FAQ thread.

Cruel, Zwift. Cruel. *

*Especially with advertising double-duration powerups in the event text for this stage

Powerups aren’t disabled in the first event I checked.

Can you send me the event id of the one that you did?

Doesnt it have to do with the new, temp banner that was placed seemingly at a random spot on the course?

Just like the temp banners in Neokyo for some routes dont give power ups either.

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I did zid=2836113 (20:00 CET on Monday 21/03) and didn’t get any powerups. No other riders’ avatars had powerup icons appearing above them during the ride.


As @Mike_Rowe1 said, could it be a problem with that temporary lap banner?

I wanted to check the config of the event first before making any conclusions. You may well be right.

I’ve let the team know about this.


The same in the Monday 18.00/6 PM CET ride: No powerups

(Activity: The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App)

Yeah. The temporary banners are just mean.

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Yep, this one: The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App

Neither powerups, nor XP bonuses crossing any arch, though other riders did get them, as evidenced by deployed power-ups around me.

EDIT - I’m going to walk that last bit back as I don’t have evidence in the form of screen captures.

Now that you mention it, I was thinking how shite my luck was that I was not getting any power-ups. :man_shrugging:

@JamesBailey zid=2836070

are you sure about that? I didn’t see any and others in the chat were confirming no power ups…

plus you can’t see anything anyway BECAUSE OF THE RIDICULOUSLY THICK DUST CLOUDS!!!


I definitely didn’t see any other riders using powerups in my event.


Walked that back as I don’t have screen captures of them to support what I remember. I’ll leave it to ZHQ to confirm.

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I haven’t seen any powerups being used on stage 4 and I’ve done it twice now for my sins

BAHAAHA :rofl: :rofl:

If you don’t already have the M*sochist badge, I’ll send you mine, Rich. You deserve it more.

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Same here, no powerups on event at noon: ZwiftPower - Login

Yep, no powerups guys. Sorry.


Thanks. Any more explanation, please? Are those temporary banners incapable of giving powerups?

It would be helpful if the event text could at least point this out, and/or the FAQ post doe this type of event, to set rhe correct expecations in advance. Especially for an event like this with double-duration powerups as an advertised benefit …

Should also add that you have locked in the gravel bike for this stage, so many people asking about what bike to use and not understanding that they were already assigned the gravel bike. People were even stopping during the event to try and change bikes, then realized they couldn’t.

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