TOW 4 - Neo 2T Gravel Feel

I saw that as well with an original Tacx Neo. My cadence was 60-70 on the climbs, but read 60, 120 and 170, depending. I thought maybe the new gravel surface feedback was somehow tricking the Neo into misreading my cadence. I did not care for the new feedback, either. Not as fatiguing as cobbles, but it didn’t feel like anything in real life, either.

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Same on my Tacx NeoBike. The road feel was exaggerated, unnatural and annoying. I live in Kansas, so I have some idea how gravel ought to feel! :grinning:

Yes 100% agree - was super annoying and felt like it was going to eventually cause knee pain. I’ve gotta figure out how to disable that while riding

Just for yocks, the cadence vs. altitude graph from Stage 4. The 0 cadence early on was me figuring out that I couldn’t set my bike to mountain. I guarantee you I can’t do 175 for extended periods.

I made a feature request quite some time ago to make “Tacx NEO road feel” a slider (similar to trainer difficulty) instead of a simple “ON/OFF”.

The NEO line supports this functionality. (see above-linked thread, or go into the TACX training app where it’s demoable)

I’ve disabled it entirely as Zwift makes cobblestones feel like potholes.

I ride a ~38mm tires at low pressure in the real world - I’d like to match that feel to my NEO in Zwift.

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Cant say I saw or felt any cadence issues on the gravel route using a 2T with road feel on last night

I tried Road Feel on my 2 once. It was nothing like riding on the road. I’ve never tried it again.

Interesting to read there’s an intensity slider in the Tacx app. That might make it more palatable.

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Hi all,

I have to ask because it doesn’t seem like it’s been mentioned yet, but is everyone impacted by this issue also using the latest firmware for your Tacx Neo type smart trainer?

Also, I’m waiting to hear back from the team to see if we have a bug report written up for this issue yet. I’ll update you when I hear back. Thanks!

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Yes. Neo 2 on the latest firmware. (It’s been quite a while since the last firmware update. )

I have experienced the erratic/high cadence problem on my Tacx Neo 1 as well. Latest firmware, but a new version has not been released for ages. Probably the original Neo is not supported anymore?

Hi everyone,

I heard back from the team and it looks like we have a few different bug reports in to the developers; they’re working on a fix for the cadence spike issue and for the the Tacx road feel issue.

Thanks to everyone for your diligence in reporting these things!


oh, so that’s why I saw so many people with crazy legs during stage 4 yesterday. I clicked on a few of them and their cadence was between 150 - 180 rpm.

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I saw someone yesterday who’s avatar was permanently in sprint mode despite showing less than 3wkg

That is likely just because their FTP is set too low. The avatar will go into the ‘sprint’ position at 2x the rider’s set FTP.


ANT+ Apple laptop connection to TACX NEO with road feel enabled. On the gravel road parts of the TOW stage 4, the cadence numbers were displaying almost double what they should. When going over bridges or other terrain, the cadence numbers normalized. Any thoughts or similar issues.

Hi @Stephanie_Koett

Welcome to the Forums!

What you’ve reported is a known issue, but I’ve included the appropriate bug report tags on this thread. This will provide your issue with added visibility as Zwift’s developers work towards a fix. Thanks!

My set up was Neo Bike w/ latest firmware and Win10 laptop using BT, and I was scrambling to turn off road feel as soon as we hit the gravel. Whichever programmers that came up with that “road fee” should be forced to ride the entire Cat A route on a Neo trainer with road feel turned on… Each day for a week… :smiley:

@Matt_Fieldwalker there is an on/off toggle in the in-game settings menu to switch road fell on and off. It remembers your choice so once you turn it off it should stay off.


IIRC you can replicate that by changing your FTP setting in Zwift to a low figure to get a quicker shop drops rate for less effort. :wink:

I think the only things that increases the rate of drops accumulation are climbing, riding with a pace partner and when you get a ride on. I dont believe sprinting has anything to do with the rate of drops you are receiving.

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Well I can’t say I’m a fan of ‘make your £1000 device feel faulty’ mode. The jungle was already fairly tedious, this is next-level obnoxious.