TOW 4 - Neo 2T Gravel Feel

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What you’ve reported is a known issue, but I’ve included the appropriate bug report tags on this thread. This will provide your issue with added visibility as Zwift’s developers work towards a fix. Thanks!

My set up was Neo Bike w/ latest firmware and Win10 laptop using BT, and I was scrambling to turn off road feel as soon as we hit the gravel. Whichever programmers that came up with that “road fee” should be forced to ride the entire Cat A route on a Neo trainer with road feel turned on… Each day for a week… :smiley:

@Matt_Fieldwalker there is an on/off toggle in the in-game settings menu to switch road fell on and off. It remembers your choice so once you turn it off it should stay off.


IIRC you can replicate that by changing your FTP setting in Zwift to a low figure to get a quicker shop drops rate for less effort. :wink:

I think the only things that increases the rate of drops accumulation are climbing, riding with a pace partner and when you get a ride on. I dont believe sprinting has anything to do with the rate of drops you are receiving.

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Well I can’t say I’m a fan of ‘make your £1000 device feel faulty’ mode. The jungle was already fairly tedious, this is next-level obnoxious.