Tour Stage 2 Group B

The group B course is a little weak, can you make it 3 or 4 laps as a lighter option to the KOM?

8.5km is a bit light!!

I wonder if this is another website error, is it pulling the race information for the group ride cat B? The companion app shows the short group ride at 11.1 miles or 17.8 km. Innsbruckring route. The Stage 2 race is also showing this same info as Group ride B in the companion app. Not what the website has, a 5.4 mile race seems way too short too.

Rides for Stage 2 below. Short (the Innsbruckring) is 17.8km not 8.3km, as is the race route. Long is Innsbruck KOM after party.

It’s a little confusing Zwift calling the routes “Groups” rather than, er “Routes” as both long (“A”) short (“B”) and Race (“B”) apply to all w/kg categories.

Screenshot 2020-01-13 at 14.28.54

website is way different

Really finding the details and event setup for the 2020 Tour below standard, Tour of London in comparison was great, the page had all the course details and options, and I could sign up for all the stages at the same time allowing me to plan my month and which days, times and course length I could fit in around other things in life.

Tour 2020 is a mess, wrong details and events only available for signup at the last few days!!


Yes, realizing the tour is new territory this year for zwift with the addition of races and runs, the execution has been really terrible.

It has indeed, Mike.

I got the screenshot above from the Zwift website, albeit via the ZwiftHacks events page So the correct information is out there somewhere.

I think the problem is we don’t know which one is the correct information, but I’m guessing it is the info from the events page/companion app. The tour website ( ) is most likely incorrect.

Typos in the ride description don’t help. C group 23.8 mi // 14.8 km. At least one of those distances is wrong.


We’re touching down in jolly ol’ London for the first leg of Tour de Zwift. Iconic landmarks await as we make our way through the city and into the rolling English countryside.

A – Leith Hill After Party
25.8 mi // 46.1 km

B – Greatest London Flat
14.6 mi // 23.8 km

C – Greater London 8
23.8 mi // 14.8 km