Tour of Innsbruck 2020 Feb 21-23

The 2020 Tour of Innsbruck is a 3-stage, 3-day bike-only event exploring the best of Zwift’s Austrian World.

Ride this 3-stage bike-only rour from February 21 - 23 and see the beautiful streets and sights of Innsbruck on Zwift. Each stage will run for one day, without any make-up days.

Hard work pays off - complete any stage to unlock the Tour of Innsbruck Kit

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What , you only need to do 1 stage to unlock the kit ?

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I am pretty sure I have seen that before on some of these shorter events. Probably because it means those who are unable to ride the stages on three consecutive days still have an incentive to take part.

Tight schedule.

Little bit disappointed with the choice of courses.
Stage 1 - climb the KOM in the forward direction twice (or three times for the long route)
Stage 2 - climb the KOM in the forward direction once (or twice for the long route), plus a bit of Innsbruckring
Stage 3 - do a few laps of Innsbruckring, then climb the KOM in the forward direction

It’s going to get a bit repetitive going up the same climb 4 (or 6) times. Surely they could have had a stage that went the reverse route up the KOM for a change, or stayed only on Innsbruckring to give us those who like the flat a chance?

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Repetitive is the name of the game Steven. Same KOM climb 6 times and unfortunately the same kit unlocked as last year. :frowning:

(edit, it was a repeat of 2018, not last year)

At least the reward is presented up front, unlike the TdZ “Shiny Thingie”.

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Have the distances for this even been changed?

Just had an email reminding me of my entry for Stage 1 in the morning, and it stated that Group A was 15.3 miles and 2704 feet of climbing (basically one lap of Lutscher - twice up the KOM), and Groups B and C just 6.7 miles (start to KOM).

When I first entered the A group was 3 times up the KOM and 23 miles, and Groups B and C were a single lap, 15.3 miles etc.

Just checked on the Companion App and it is the same on there … as a result I have switched to the A group, having switched from A to B yesterday in order to do the 15.3 mile distance.

What is going on?

In all Cat’s you have the lead-in from the Pens to the KOM.
Then the route starts.
Cat B and C are one lap “Lutscher”, from the KOM back to the KOM.
Cat A is two laps “Lutscher”.

Hi all, hope you don’t mind my asking a very basic question here. I subscribed onto the Stage 1 event at 7:30 this morning but was unable to join in. Is there anything specific I need to do other than subscribe to my chosen event then ensure I’m logged into Zwift ahead of the start time? I read some events require an additional code of text after your surname (I have a zwiftpower reference after mine currently) but saw no such requirement for this series?
Many thanks,

Hi AL.

No there is nothing special you have to do. Once you sighed up using the companion app you can start riding and Zwift will notify you when you can join the event.

Thanks Gerrie, so I did that, subscribed through the companion app, then when I loaded Zwift I could see the events in the top right. I gather you don’t enter the event/race from that list though, rather start any Zwift route then await a button to be displayed allowing you to join the race?

That is correct, you start riding any world and once it is time for the event there will be a popup in the bottom left corner to join the event.

The events top right will show you what events you are Going to (subscribed)

See the bottom video. Shane did a good job.

Perfect, thank you!!

No … Not simple. And I do know how these routes work. Originally stage 1 was 2 laps of Lutscher plus the leadin (23 miles total) for group A and 1 lap plus lead in for groups B and C. Exactly as you describe.

But … I rode stage 1 group A this morning and it was only 1 lap plus lead in. Hence my post last night when I noticed the change. I had previously changed from A to B to drop the second lap to save some time.

On seeing the change I changed back to A.

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I had a similar issue.

Signed up a few days ago but when I got on the turbo tonight there was no mention of the event and I had to sign up to it again in the companion app.

Going to watch out to see if this happens again.

It was advertised as 2 x KOM…but the 7pm (London) A group was 3 x KOM. I was quite confused.

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Just ridden the A group and it was two laps plus lead in! So three times up the climb. The B group riders disappeared at the top so I guess that ride was just the lead in! There was a lot of confusion amongst riders especially as most people were expecting to go up the hill twice.

I did Cat A at 19:00 (or 7pm) CET (Germany) and it was lead-in (from pens to the KOM) and1 lap. So I did climb that hill twice.

I saw a friend who did Cat B and he climbed the hill just once.