Tour of Innsbruck 2020 Feb 21-23

Yeah, something has definitely gone screwy somewhere. I did stage 1 at 8am (UK) this morning, and my group A ride was lead in plus 1 lap (twice up the climb). According to the Companion App, the B and C groups were just the lead in.

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Few comments:

1- If you are creating a back to back events with no make up days it will be VERY useful if you ONLY allow the riders that complete the previous stage to register for the next one. Having fresh riders was disrupting for race/ride dynamics. You could create a separate 1 day event if you want to keep the community involved.

2- If the results and positions are being tracked why you don’t have an overall standings based on time. It will be useful for rider to track progress and see where they place overall if interested.

I’m curious as to how you felt this was disruptive. Even if the person had ridden the day(s) prior, how would you know they hadn’t just taken it easy? Alternatively, just because someone didn’t do the event the day(s) prior, who’s to say they didn’t do 200 miles outside? And would you expect that people would have to sign up for the same time each day, so that the same people are racing/riding together each day, as this would affect the dynamics, also?

In the end, this is just an online event, with multiple occurrences each day. Trying to limit it as you suggest would be overly cumbersome and I’d guess this is also not important to the vast majority of Zwifters.

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it is disruptive because when you list something as a back-back event part of the challenge is to complete the 3 stages. For instance, the Tour of France 21 days… Now imagine if in a back to back event fresh riders could join at any point during any stage how the race could be altered. What riders do outside of the tour is irrelevant because the challenge is to complete the events back to back. Otherwise, as you noted there are plenty of events in zwift to do.

The limitation should not be cumbersome. Zwift have automatically programming controls to do so right now. I think this is important specially when the company is advocating for e-racing.

Finally, if the event should be listed in the format you like it may want to be call 3 events different than a back-to-back “Tour” the world tour means complete all the stages.

Personally I think, to reduce Riders in the smaller Worlds, all riders below Level 25 should only be allowed to ride Watopia Flat. :joy:

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Surely the point is that the Tour of Innsbruck was not billed as a series of races. If people choose to race it, that’s fair enough, that’s up to them, but when the basic premise of the event is that it is simply a series of group rides I really don’t think that any kind of restriction like that is warranted.

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Perhaps as an alternative to complaining about this event, you could reach out to Zwift about possibly creating an event like what you are looking for, and they might test the waters to see if there would be enough interest to make it worthwhile.

Zwift could have an event of X days, with events offered at Y different times each day mince you sign up for the first event you would be automatically signed up for the same time slot for the remainder of the days (because it would disrupt the race dynamics if you weren’t competing against the same riders each day), and you have to finish each stage in order to start the next. Zwift could then award a leader’s jersey each day, as well as KOM and sprint jerseys, depending on the course. (Possibly even a best young rider jersey.) An overall winner for each time slot could then be awarded at the end, along with all of the other potential competitions.

At some level api think this would be a lot of fun, but I also think the necessary restrictions would make it unappealing good most, so it’s a bit hard to predict (at least with the information I have) what sort of turnout there might be for such an event. Possibly worth a shot, though.


Good points @Nigel_Tufnel.

If Zwift wanted to do that, that have to write code that know who dit event #1 and code to filter riders for race #2.

I don’t say it’s impossible but it is a big undertaking. Maybe if Zwift has the code to auto categorize racers in normal races they can use that to filter for multi day events.

I think the idea of calling some ride/race “Tour of” and “back to back” has a different meaning for me. I am not complaining just giving my observation. I have been a long time Zwift customer and I have seen the evolution of the game from the early days. Maybe I was expecting the game to be in a different level in regard to events. For instance, what should riders expect of this announcement by Zwift:

Zwift has just announced an event in partnership with Haute Route which is being billed as “the world’s most challenging virtual 3-day stage event.”

So is this going to be a back-to-back-to-back event? Is it going to keep the standings?
Is it going to allow people to randomly do any events instead of the 3 stages?

If you are racing/riding the Haute Route in real life you have complete the stages back to back. I think this is my main point. Suggestion, etc… Perhaps only a few amount of people will do the challenge in the way I am describing BUT why not to try that? There are plenty of events for 1 day races/rides on Zwift…

Not an easy undertaking, for sure. And for me, and probably many others, something far lower on the priority list than a number of other things. Still, though, it could be interesting to have an event like this at some point in time.

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  • That’s nothing to do with being disruptive.
  • This event was never advertised as anything other than what it was. Zwift even made the kit available for completing just one stage. There should not have been any confusion in your mind about what this event was.
  • This was never advertised as being the Tour de France
  • This was never advertised as being a race
  • This was only ever advertised as a challenge
  • Again, this event had nothing to do with e-racing.

Definitions of the word tour:

  • a journey for pleasure in which several different places are visited.

  • a journey made by performers or a sports team, in which they perform or play in several different places.

  • I think what you mean here is that if the event was being listed in the way that you want, it would include the word race in it.

Tip, stop worrying about other people, live & let live my friend.

Ride on!

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We are all entitled to have different opinions and the main purpose of a forum is to get different points of view. Suggestions and critics are good and healthy as long as they are done with respect.

If we all think the same how boring the world with be.

Tip, open your mind and see different points of view. Maybe you could stop worrying about my comments/suggestions so much you have written a point by point analysis… (Kind of the same thing I am doing on my original suggestions)

Ride on!

I agree entirely, which is why I was sharing my opinions with you. I hope that you didn’t feel that I was disrespecting you in any way.

To be fair, I did read each of your points with an open mind. The format of my response was simply trying to make it clear what I was responding too.

Was there anything that I said that you didn’t feel was correct or was it just that I challenged you? One of the points of this forum is for Zwift to understand how we all feel. If nobody challenged suggestions it wouldn’t be very useful would it.


Not at all, I appreciate your answers and taking the time to write about your views. If something I try to get smart points of view from any response. 100% about challenging points it is healthy and should be done.

I have concerns about the group dynamics on an event/race/ride just because cycling is a sport where peloton moves together and it can influence in the way the race/ride/event is moving. Again my point is to have a back to back event with no catch-up days to make the back to back a requirement so you can see the magnitude of event which in an endurance sport is key to get the achievement of challenge. (regardless if it is a race or nor) This will be like climbing Everest starting at camp 4 or if you are into downhill starting the redbull rampage only in the last section when most of the challenging sections are completed. (Keeping in mind the dynamics of the peloton affect the race in road cycling)

Just a respectful observation. Again thank you for taking the time to give your opinion.

Have a great day

So, I do fully get where you’re coming from. Such an event would be pretty good, though probably beyond my ability levels.

My main disagreement with your post was that this particular challenge should be changed to what you wanted it to be. When it actually suited thousands of people just as it was.

Have a great weekend,