Tour de Zwift: two questions

(Paul Wadehra) #1


I’m new to Zwift. I signed up for the Tour de Zwift, did the first stage this morning, and have a couple of questions:

  1. How do I choose between the A (longer) and B (shorter) options for each stage? Today I joined the first stage and just by luck I got B, which is what I wanted. But I want to make sure I don’t get stuck in the wrong one by accident next time. How do I select this?

  2. How can I see the times for each day? I see the schedule that shows days, but not the times. Today I got luck and there was one starting when I wanted (7am). But where can I find the time schedule so I can plan in advance?


(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #2

The easy way is to use the companion app on your phone, you can see all events and pic the correct group.

Or you can go to

(Diane Schleicher) #3

Why isn’t the a b group anymore for the Tour de Zwift… only a and c…?

(Fez) #4

Everyone has to ride the same distance for stage 2.

(Diane Schleicher) #5

Since I rode the b group for stage 1, should I ride with the a’s or c’s for stage 2. Stage 3 looks the same.

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #6

Stage 2 is only one lap of the “Everything Bagel” in NYC therefore there is no long or short option.

(Fez) #7

The C group is for women exclusively I think, but are riding the same route as the men.

(Jenifer Carruthers (PACK/HERD)) #8

It’s easier in companion app. If you do through Zwift then you have to click then I click then click and you will see (albeit very small) the category changing to the one you want. Use the companion app it’s easier!

(Diane Schleicher) #9

That’s cool. What happened to the b group?