How to set A or B group for ToW runs?

Hi all,

How does one specifically select the A or B group for ToW events? Today I only had 40 minutes or so to run so I sought the B (shorter) route for Stage 4. Upon joining the event from the main page I was automatically put into group A. I exited and rejoined and was put into group B; but I have no idea how that happened.

This isn’t specific to Tour of Watopia events – I had had something similar happen on a previous event. That particular event was for the B or D pace group. I’m a mid-C runner at best, so getting pushed into the B group wasn’t exactly what I was going for!

I’ve been all over the UI trying to find a place to choose my pace group. How do I do this, either before an event or during?

For the Tour of Watopia events, the categories aren’t divided by pace, but simply by length. You’ll want to choose which route length you want using the Companion app, and then when you click on Run in Zwift itself, you’ll see the option to “Join Event” in the lower right of the screen. This should take you to the correct event, providing you selected it correctly ahead of time. At least that’s the way I do it, and I’ve never been put into the wrong event.

Are you on the new or old user interface?

Thanks Travis, got it!

I didn’t realize it was possible to pre-reserve event slots, and in fact that that was the preferred way of signing up for events. I was previously only getting into events by using the event list in the upper right corner of the workout and route selection screen (after pairing Bluetooth devices). If you go from there it doesn’t seem to allow you to choose your preferred group, hence my confusion.

Thanks again!