TdZ Levels - I got in C but wanted B - Can I switch?

So, I got confused. You see, I wanted Standard ride and signed up for B group. But when I went to ride on Monday, I forgot that A,B,C,D was different for TdZ (BTW, is there a reason they couldn’t have used something else? Like say, L (Long), R (Regular), S (Short), W (Women) - so as not to confuse people…) and thought I was going to be running with B w/kg riders - so I quickly switched to “C”. It was only when the ride ended at 8 miles that I remembered the different categories.
So… I went in today and signed up for the B ride. I figured that would get me into that group and I would just continue on with the other 7 stages at B. Well, guess what. It gave me the Short ride, again!

Anyhow, is there a way that I can change to the B group?

Hi @Mark_Zivin, welcome to the forums.

You can sign up for any group/distance you want, you can change the group for each stage, or do all 3 distances for each stage, it doesn’t matter. Use the companion app to sign up for the easiest and best outcome. You likely just clicked on the C category on accident.

Every event, you can sign up for any of the routes A-B-C.
If your getting in the wrong race, then you must be inadvertently selecting the wrong cat.
Are you using the Companion app or the small list of events on the right hand side of the sign in screen?

If using the CA, scroll down to the desired route.
If at the sign in screen, be very careful because the letters designating the routes are real close to each other.

Thanks! I was using window on right hand side with Apple TV. It could easily have been the Apple TV remote which has a funky Haptic Touch. Thanks for the clarification. I’ll give it another try :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the info. I will give it another go! :blush: