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For the Love of Pete, please require event or at least strongly recommend that events have a course identified. Dutch Diesel is having a group ride that is six laps, each one having an effort harder than the last. Sounds great, but wouldnt you like to know what a lap is? Watopia Flat? Volcano?

This seems so obvious.

Are you referring to this event.

It look like it is 6 laps London Classique Reverse at 2-2.5 w/kg.

Distance 40.2 km
Elevation 211m

If that is EST, it looks like it, but this is all I see:

If you look on the companion app you will see what I posted.

Well, that’s it. I dont companion app. Looks like I might have to start. Damn. I hate apps.

Thanks, Gerrie.

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It should still be on the zwiftevents page, though.