Tour of Watopia, going the wrong way

I did the TOW #4 Short Run today. I logged on a few seconds after it started. After waiting for Zwift to find runners, I joined the group just before the time&distance started. At the crossing everyone went right, but I was taken left and ran all the time on my own. As far as position goes, Zwift thought that I was still doing the original run and showed the time runners were behind or ahead of me based on the distance I covered, not where I was. On the map with my run you can see that I did a totally different route from all the others doing this run. I took several extra screen shots to show that I was running on my own.

Hi @T_om_Kool

It looks like you ran into a misrouting bug after a late join of the ToW: Stage 4 run Event.

We see this come up every now and again, but not often. It would help if you could send us an official support request and we’ll get your log file attached to the conversation so there’s a bit more visibility for Zwift’s developers as they investigate this. Let me know here on the Forums when you write in for support and I’ll get that taken care of.

You can contact us here.

Also, I noticed that the time/date stamp on your log file shows as March 20, 2022 despite the event taking place on March 21, 2022. When I see this, it suggests that the Zwift app was not force closed after the previous app session (presumably on March 20th). This can be problematic because Zwift tends to exhibit buggy behavior if the app is left running in the background and idle for extended periods of time (e.g. 1 or more days) and isn’t force closed between app sessions.

As a preventive measure and general best practice, please make sure that after you’re done with a Zwift activity, save it and then force close Zwift on your Apple TV when you’re done using the app. Ideally, you would want to re-open Zwift from a closed status each time you go to use the app.

More info on force closing Zwift can be found in the tvOS sections of this article.