Tour of Watopia 2021 FAQ

I started a little late on a couple stages.
If you’re real late, the program spawns you up near the front but a couple times, I entered the pen as people were just leaving.
I started in last place and moved up.
I saw lots of people riding below 1.5.
I’d say, enter any event and you will probably have someone to ride with.

Hi @Roy_I, welcome to the forums! You are doing everything right, don’t worry about the people charging off the front (aka flyers). The point of the rookie rides is for people new to large tour events to get an understanding of how they work and how to ride with a ride leader (beacon). The ride leader should be chatting and giving some instruction along the way.

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Hi @Mike_Rowe1
… there were instructions indeed from the ride leader- and there was a sweeper as well… apparently to keep the group compact - but i never managed to keep up with the sweeper…although to be fair the sweeper did ask if all ok - as i said i am newbie to this thing… its a bit difficult to chat and ride - the ride leader did say that you can go to 2w/kg on the climb - it was difficult to catch them while trying to stay within the “rules”… if i was able to keep an average of 2W/kg over 1hr ride …i would have gone for the Standard rides which i believe is Cat B.

Thanks for your wise words


Yes true there were some riders around but not many maybe 3 or 5… however on Zwiftpower it looks like only 53 of riders are registered on zwiftpower that would be the mos logical explanation i believe… but as i said over 80% of riders disappeared… we had a sweeper but i cross him going down volcano while i was still going up :rofl: :rofl:

Well i guess i just have to keep riding …and hope for a better group … anyway once the fitness improve it will be easier to stay within a group…but as I mentioned to mike below- if i was able to ride for more than 2 w/kg i would have gone forStandard ride - Cat B.
Thanks for sharing

To be clear, in the large tour events hosted by Zwift you will see they use different definitions for categories A, B, C, and D. Usually they are categorized by distance or length rather than by w/kg like most races and other group rides. In other words, cat A in the tour is the long ride, not super fast people over 4.0 w/kg.

Thanks for your answer. Good to know.

Mike, yes indeed you are absolutely correct… the categories is not by w/kg- i noticed that all the categories for TOW , except Cat E of course, refers to 1-5W/kg …so i suppose anyone can participate in whichever category they want… of course Category D only for the ladies
ah well maybe was just me expecting too much … was hoping for a ride in "peloton " style - but I guess once the fitness builds up it will become easier to get into other group rides… and i have some kilos to shed off as well…
thx very much for your comments @mike_rowe1, very much appreciated… got me a bit more motivated to just get on with it… Stage 3 here i come… :sweat_smile:

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F=ma, I believe.

Zwift is anything you want it to be… These Tour “Rookie” rides are supposed to include one or more Zwifters knowledgeable enough about the game to answer any questions you may have during your ride. So you can learn about the Messaging/Chat function too! Sometimes just auditing other person’s questions can be enlightening too.

The answer to your question is: just ride your ride at your pace. Generally, your pace will match that of other “rookies” of a similar fitness level, or just riding at your pace for their own particular (training) reasons. And have fun.

Thank you!! And thanks for letting us know!! :star_struck:

Hi @Wes_Free

yeah the general advice is to ride at your own pace - but thanks for your comment and @Mike_Rowe1 'comments - at least i know now that i wasnt doing it wrong… i just find it weird Cat B and Cat E of the TOW is the same route - and distance - only CAT E for rookie and limited to 1.5W/Kg although not enforced… well its not a race so no need … and there are people going for CAT E - and riding over 1.5W/KG

But following couple of posts exchanged with @Mike_Rowe1 yesterday i have put it back into perspective the TOW 2021 has 2 kits on offer - a Starter kit which i already got - and a kit for those who finishes all 5 stages - together with the Double XP - none of which depends on how fast you go - as long as you rack on the kilometers … so logically speaking - even if I am riding most of the time solo mode in a group rookie ride - I am still on Target it does not matter how fast I do it - i will just concentrate on crossing the line in each stage… 3 and 4 should be ok - stage 5 - with the 600m elevation is going to be something … I have only done 200m max in 1 ride upto now …

Thanks for chipping in


The best comment yesterday - we’d have a real nice group if you guys would stop chasing those 2 riders.

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Not to put too fine a point on it, but given you are a self-classified Rookie, I would add a shade of color. It’s just this: groups are faster than solo rides, probably by about 4-5kph at your level. I’ve coaxed together groups within the Tour (by sheer on-screen chat cajoling and good leadership), which resulted in finishing times, FOR THE SAME POWER OUTPUT, minutes faster than a solo-ride. In other words, all that you said above is correct with respect to the rules of the game, but riding in groups, taking occasional pulls in the wind, as well as benefitting from other’s drafts etc., is far more efficient than otherwise. Just like the professional peloton!

I did the TOW Stage 3 - Rookie ride yesterday - although i ended up being left out again- but I must say that the Ride leader tried very hard to keep everyone at 1.5w/kg… kept on reminding everyone especially the fast flyers to relax and try to keep group together…

According to zwift power around half of the field seems to have stuck with the average 1.5w/kg … those who finished first - well this is not a race anyway - were on average 3+ w/kg

I managed to stay with the group for maybe 3-4 km but it then started getting some splits and big gaps during the climb … Maybe the strategy is to try to stay with the front group - because when they drop you … you can still try to ride with those that were behind… and hope you havent run out of juice trying to stay with the front group… as otherwise you will get dropped by everyone.

As a group ride it was fun indeed (whilst i could keep up :slight_smile: )- i could understand what the draft feels like- cause in some sections while i was able to drop down to 1.0w/kg and people in front of me around 1.4-1.6w/kg .

looking forward to TOW stage 4…

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Stage 5 of the Tour of Watopia 2021 DOES include (bizarrely) a women-only ride on the Road To Sky route (including the Alpe de Zwift)… and there are no options for men (even in a mixed class?) to get the opportunity to ride that same route in a great group environment which they might not otherwise attempt on their own. Very poor marketing. When the TOW was announced, I was hoping to make my 25th ascent on a Tour ride. But that ain’t gonna’ happen now.

There was such an opportunity in Stage 3 of the Tour de Zwift just a few months ago, no? GROUP B: Standard Ride

No doubt there will be other such opportunities in the future (of course, there are plenty of events that use that route, albeit smaller).

We don’t need to have all things all the time.


Roy, good to see that you are starting to keep up in the group rides.
There are a few tricks to group riding…I wish I knew these at the beginning, but slowly figured them out and am still learning more. These might be old news for you, but here they are.

  1. Join the ride early (10 minutes or so) to get a starting spot near the front of the pens
  2. Pedal up to 1.5W/Kg 20 seconds before the start so you don’t get dropped right away.
  3. The ride leaders typically end up near the back of the pack…if you fall even 10meters behind them, you are in danger of loosing the draft. On a 1.5W/kg ride, you will need 2.0 - 2.5 to catch back up. THE DRAFT IS REAL!
  4. The fence is your friend. Many/most rides have a red fence 20 -30 seconds out in front of the leader. The majority of the group will be between the fence and the leader. The draft is great in here and it gives you a margin of error to not get dropped.
  5. If you get ahead of the group, ease back gently…do not coast or stop or the group will blow by you and you will fall off the back and get dropped fast. I like to use camera view “6” to see how far back the group is.

That’s all I can think of right now…I’m sure others will chime in with any obvious ones I’ve missed.
Good luck and Ride ON!

Hi all. If you don’t complete a ride, do you still earn double XP?

Yes @Ben_Johnson8 you get double XP on every km completed, so you don’t need to finish the ride.

Thanks :slight_smile: