Tour of New York with workout running in background

Edit: so I’m an idiot. I got an email shortly after completing the event. Please disregard this post.

X-posted to the support forum. I would delete this one if I knew how. Apologies…

I just finished stage 2 of the TONY. Earlier, when I logged into my zwift app on AppleTV2k, zwift auto selected the next workout in my training plan. I tried to exit out of it but the ride launched with the workout active. I tried to cancel it, but it gave me the option to end the ride or go back into the ride. I didn’t want to take 0 stars for the workout so I reentered the ride. There was an option to join the TONY early so I selected that thinking it would understand that I wanted to ride the TONY and not the workout. I joined the other early starters at the starting line. The tour started and I rode it fine and I got to the finish line. The ride standings and the ride report popped up. Everything seemed fine. However when I saved the ride it named it after my workout rather than the TONY. Now I’m worried that I didn’t get credit for TONY Stage 2.

How can I confirm that I got credit for it, and if not, who can I ccomplain to to review it and give me credit?

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