Tour for all stages completed but not showing as completed

I completed stage 3 group ide on the 12th May ( started 1700) and completed the stage but doesn’t show as completed on companion. I,be also completed stage 5 today (1700) and this also has not recorded as being completed on the companion.

Can this be rectified?

Try restarting the app but force closing it or restarting the phone. Sometimes it has updated on zwift server just not companion app.

When you go to the activity can you get in and see the data or does it not let you in or say something informative? Sometimes there’s an error and you lose most of the competition data, if thats the case there isn’t anything you can do.

Welcome to the group, there’s plenty of other Zwifter with pretty much the same issue.

There are thread with hundreds of posts both here as well as in the “bugs and support” forum or how it is called.

You can find some also on Zwift Power forums.

Some users say that depends on connectivity. Other says that it often happens in large events. I have opened a support ticket to Zwift one week ago without answer yet.

Depending on the level of frustration you can get if your event doesn’t get recognized, I suggest you either keep joining and hope, or stop till when it will be more clear why this happens and how to avoid it.