Tour de Zwift [January 2024]

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I just wanted to highlight it again because it’s a big disappointment for me to miss out on completing the Tour just because I am traveling for a couple of weeks. These two tours (Zwift and Watopia) are my favorite things in Zwift by a distance. I am traveling every year in this period so am likely not able to complete it every year.

I would normally participate in both running and riding and now cannot complete either.

Is it really not possible to have a more flexible and longer catch up schedule?

Hi! Any chance to try stage8 again? Seems like all 7 stages are scheduled except stage8…

Update in last hour from James on Zwift Riders Facebook.

Stage 8 is currently not scheduled this week due to an issue with the Spiral into the Volcano route - it is 5km longer in 1.58 (due this week) than it is in 1.57 and we didn’t want people not all being on the same route whilst taking on the stage.

it’s presently available in the race events at the weekend. Having a chat about rest of the week.

Stage 8 is there now, with the A route removed.

Yup,… seems like the only route people want currently but they fudged it. Can this not be made as a group ride event ride like HERD did with Big Flat 8?

Zwift HQ good call with stage 8 on the blocking A route during makeup week till fixed. Was holding off on ride 8 A route till fixed.

Anyone notice the elevation info in the written stage descriptions is often on the low side? Now I’m an old fart, this is something I pay attention to when deciding the route I will take, but it’s often wrong. Surely it can’t be that difficult to post the correct information.

Hi, I have been doin the epic tour of zwift, yet I can not see stage 8 of this event, only the other stage 8 event! Yet there are lots of catch up races available! I don’t get it,

Hi, I am looking for stage 8 of this event! Any help please

Looks like Zwift decided to just put on races for stages 1, 2, 3 & 4 during this coming make up weekend. Not sure why they decided to omit stages 5-8, I suppose you need a reply from Zwift staff. @manda_F ?

Hi @Michael_Hobin , this thread may help you understand the omission of the race on stage 8’s long route:

@Ian_Attoe, regarding make-up races for stages 5-7, according to ZwiftInsider’s TdZ page they were never planned. I understood this was because each of those already had 2 weekends you could race them, whereas the stage 1, 3, 4 & 8 races were only available on one weekend.

Thanks for the reply, so should I enter the stage 8 available to complete my badges? Any advice would be great. Thanks

If the badge you want is for completing Stage 8 of the Tour de Zwift, you can do that by completing any of the Stage 8 routes as a race or ride, so you can do this by completing the Stage 8 “B” or “C” routes which are available to ride.

However, if what you want is the badge for the route “Spiral Into the Volcano” (which was the Stage 8 “A” route), unless Zwift says something different, you may have to wait until the issues with that route are sorted, and find another event which uses that route.

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Yes that does have some logic to it for stages 1 & 8 which I do think only had one weekend each. Not sure it applies to stages 3&4. And also yes looks like only 4 stages were ever planned for make up weekend, thanks. I’m just not sure why others couldn’t have also been included.

Was there an actual stage 8 make-up race this past weekend? I was able to make up 1 & 4 races, but on my search of events on zwifthacks event pager, I never saw it.

No, it seems Zwift didn’t host any stage 8 make-up races due to a bug in the route “Spiral Into the Volcano”. I could talk about what went wrong and why but instead I’ll focus on what I’d like to go right for next year.

I really hope that for 2025, the people at Zwift choose the TdZ routes further in advance and run test events (which could be in secret) on every route before announcing the route, to make sure everything’s working as it should.

The Tour de Zwift is the biggest event of the year on Zwift - at the busiest time of year - so it has an influence on what many people think of Zwift and Zwift events. I love the Tour de Zwift and I want as many people as possible to love it too by enjoying a bug-free, fun experience which “just works”.

There were make-ups in B and C rides.

Big disappointment not to have a makeup weekend for these other race stages. They were basically asking us to do them back to back Saturday Sunday to make it work, particularly difficult if you had to travel during any of the weekends as I set it did.