Tour de Zwift [January 2024]

hello everyone! I see that stage 8 can be ridden every hour all day long, except at 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. (Belgian time), is there a reason for that?

I am in Austria, the same time zone, Companion shows stage 8 each hour:

thanks for your reply! When I use the filter I can indeed see it. I looked through all the events but it wasn’t there. Very good, now I can drive at 8 pm :+1::ok_hand:

Same. Longer route done yesterday - no badge.

After having run the longer option yesterday and not receiving the badge. I ran the shorter option today and didn’t receive the badge :frowning:
Note: I rode option B on the bike yesterday and received that badge. So it does not seem to be a problem with the account itself. More likely an issue with running badges.

@Fabian_M1 @Seb_Pinach @Gazza_Flanagan @Renee_Pelletier_Qc

Are you looking for the badge in the game or in Companion? I see the badges for “Spiral Into the Volcano”, “Big Flat 8” and “Castle Crit” in the game (on PC), but on Companion it LOOKS as if there isn’t a badge for those routes (on iPhone). So there’s clearly some inconsistency.

This is what I see on PC:

This is what I see on Companion:

P.S. While I might be missing it, I don’t see a badge for “Richmond Rollercoaster” anywhere, and ZwiftInsider’s Richmond Rollercoaster page says there isn’t one for that route.

Exactly, the answer from Zwift is that we have to look in the game (color orange ) under badges and no in Companion. … it should be compatible ! Ridiculous !!!

Just adding to the evidence re: route badges for Stage 8. I completed the A ride yesterday and I do see the badge showing up in the Zwift app.

However, something was messed up with the route, itself, and it ended up being 2.5 miles shorter than listed. The companion app lists the route as 34.7 miles and my screenshot at the finish line shows 32.2 miles. We didn’t go through the volcano circuit/banner before climbing the volcano KOM.

This route started out being around 52km in 1.56, then it went to 56km in 1.57, then 1.57 was reverted so it went back to being 52km. It won’t be consistent until they’re done with these changes. In TdZ stage 8 riders may diverge before the Volcano climb depending on which version they have. Apparently the change is intentional.

@Paul_Southworth Yikes! That’s a bit of a mess.

That’s TdZ 2024 in the books!

Enjoyed the rides, had great company and met some friends along the way.

Well done to all involved.



See my topic about this issue in the bugs & support sub-forum

Did all 8 longer stages of TdZ. As someone always looking for slightly longer group rides in a world with mostly 40-50min races I’m really glad some of them were reasonably long and took a good amount of effort (In particular 2x Muckle Yin, Petit Boucle, Achterbahn, Accelerate to Elevate, and Spiral Into the Volcano were all pretty challenging courses with decent length for those trying to stick to the strongest group they could).

TdZ 2024 longer group rides were good times.


Thanks everyone for flagging the issue with the missing badge unlock for TdZ Stage 8 - Running on Castle Crit! We are aware of the issue and all events going forward have been updated to ensure the badge is unlocked.

For member’s who completed the route as apart of TdZ Stage 8 running and did not receive the badge, we are looking into the issue and a resolution and will provide an update once available!

Ride on.


If I just will get it with my next completion of the route I’m fine :blush:

Is stage 8 going to be available during make up week? I don’t see any scheduled

I expect so. The time slots are all available but probably not yet programmed into the game.

@manda_F do stage 8 rides need to be added into make up week schedule?

Spiral into volcano rebel route has it as doing the volcano loop then climb according to velo viewer and zwift insider. So that is the problem with reroute during event is all devices got different versions. So must have been a problem when uploading route into zwift mainframe then sent out to all personal devices.

The original route had an error, got updated in another release, then release was reverted, chaos of diverse game versions. Kind of a disaster for the Epic Race series.

Hi. How come stage 8 catch up isn’t available every day this week like all the other stages? It’s the only stage I missed but it seems the only catch up days are sat & sun next week (which I also can’t do) :frowning: