Tour de Zwift 2022 FAQ

A few minutes after I completed stage 1 the logo for it on the companion app Home Screen changed to orange for me to show I’d completed it (on iOS).

I don’t even have the black section at all, is what I’m saying.

Me either Dave, no TdZ list on Android app, all updated.

Maybe related? Shows Results tag

My result shows up in ZP fine.

The reference was to Dean indicating that Shows Results, if it had been enabled (which I don’t think it was) would have allowed results to push to the Companion App or web app. Isn’t your issue in the app?

Different issue, and wouldn’t impact this anyway. The section that apparently shows up in iOS (as per that screenshot above) is not even present on Android. The actual completion of any particular stage is not the point.

Like James above, I got the orange icon on my CA homepage (iOS) a few minutes after riding the first stage yesterday. Don’t think I even had the black section there until Tuesday (can’t remember when, exactly), despite having signed up a week before. I think it must have appeared at the same time as the TdZ Events filter was toggled on. Do you still not have that either in Android?

Wondering if the Android and iOS versions are published and QA’d by separate teams, as well as being developed that way.

My app homepage looks exactly the same as normal. That entire TdZ section in black is not there, even though I’m enrolled, have done the first stage, and it’s recorded perfectly fine everywhere (ZC activities, web feed, ZwiftPower, completion email).

Sorry if I’ve got the wrong end of the stick, but if you go to, do you see the completion icons there?

If you do, I suppose it has to be an Android Companion issue, unless other Android users are seeing the completion icons. Worth opening a support ticket?

yes, we have the filter in events for TdZ, just not the section on the main page of the app

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website shows my progress just fine too

Looks like someone at Zwift forgot to enable the TdZ progress tracker in the Android Companion app, oops!


It’s there now.
It’s kind of a drop down menu but in the middle of the page.


So it is, woo! :+1:

New to Zwift… I’m finding it a bit clunky to have to use 2 apps, Zwift and Companion. Selected what I thought was Stage 1 “fast is flat” Route B but it ended sooner than expected and it transpired I’d ridden Route C!

How to I select Route B please? And can I still do that after I’ve done C?

Also is it possible to redo a stage for a better time as I started the stage 2mins after everyone else as was busy adjusting my trainer!

Not a great start!!!



You can ride each stage as many times as you want and select whatever group (A, B, C, …) you want each time.

Signing up through Zwift (the game) itself requires precision - you have to click/select precisely the letter (ABCDE). It is much better and easier to sign up via or the companion app, also because you get to see additional information about the event which is not presented in-game.


That’s it. Have found the tick bit in the Companion app for the B Route tmrw. Thanks.

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I’m curious about how avatars’ apparel appears in these rides. During stages 1 and 2 – where no one has unlocked any of the kit yet – my avatar has been the only one wearing the TdZ 2022 socks and cap (on my iPad screen).

Does this mean that all zwifters only see their own avatars wearing these items, and that my avatar, for instance, will appear to someone else with a non-TdZ helmet and other socks?
Or is this device-dependant? So someone with a more powerful CPU and GPU will see everyone wearing the TdZ gear?

Not important at all, I know, but I’d love to know the whys and wherefores.

Very typical visual bug, been around for years. You appear in the event assigned stuff, but others seemingly aren’t. As far as I’m aware, they see the opposite. Dunno if it’s like that for everyone though, or what triggers is.

See also: everyone at the end of an event stays in the kit whereas you swap back to normal, and ‘Zwift stole my socks’.

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