Tour de Zwift 2020 Cycling FAQ

Hello, does anybody know where and how is made the main clasification of Tor the Zwift 2020? How I can check my current position i my “D” group? I can see only clasification in my event (today at. 12.01). On the Zwift Power I cant find me on the list at all :frowning:

Hi Adam,

Can you see your older races and rides on Zwift power.

The Leagues tab on Zwift power get updated about every 24 hours.


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is it possible to do a workout, while riding Tour de Zwift (or any other event?)
I’d like to do Tour de Zwift, but not if this means skipping the workouts…

Thanks in advance!

Certainly over 65 would be popular!

No, the tour stages are either group rides (although people ‘race’ them fast!) or races. This means they’re a special event category so you cannot do a workout at the same time.

Does it make a difference in group rides? Or do you specifically mean races, where you’re actually competing for places?

Hi Piotr,

I guess it depends on what the workout is trying to achieve. As @Kerry_Harper says, the group rides are fast (if you want them to be) - so you could use it as a replacement for, say a Z4 session, or lactic tolerance, or even intervals if you chase and recover other groups.

My experience has been that my improvement has come from a mixture of workouts, easy/recovery rides, group rides and racing. Plus you never get bored that way.

Hi Pietr - while it’s not possible to do a Zwift guided workout, you can do your own.

I’ll use my own training: Tuesday I had an FTP test, so I signed up for the race and had an all out 20 minute session. It worked well as the race took 24 minutes.

This morning, I did the Tour de Zwift run, while at the same time doing 4x1000m. I didn’t care what place I came in as I was focused on the workout.

I will be doing the same thing for the ride portion of TdZ on Saturday morning, I’ll load a workout in my head unit before and use that to guide my power output on the stage. If you dont have a head unit, you can tape a notecard of the workout to your top tube and use the ride time and power data on zwift.

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The Stage 2 Innsbruck TDZ Live video is up!

You can sign up for Stage 2 events on the website, or in your Zwift Companion app.

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I would do if the times were better, how about a uk 8am ride or uk lunch time?

Am I able to do the same race twice? Can I do stage 2 and then do stage 2 again the next day? If so, how would this work? would it only count the one with better results?

@Ryan_Kalamazoo I think this is more a question for as they are tracking points for the open race league. Zwift doesn’t care if you ride each stage 10 times as long as you do it at least once.

BTW, Kalamazoo is a sweet place to live.

Can I just check… is the “Stage 2 Group Ride - B” only 8.7km or is this an error on the website?

That’s an error on the website, check the companion app.

Sorry for duplicate posts…

Mark contact support directly to open a ticket. They’ll help you send them the log file and will credit your account appropriately…at least that’s how I was able to resolve the same issue in previous events. :slightly_smiling_face:

Since many “race” during “group rides” could Zwift add another as a “No drop group ride” (with the rubber-band turned on to keep everyone together)?

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Thank you Beth

I did email them but was not issued a ticket. Will try another avenue

Does anyone know why Zwiftpower is using points for TDZ vs total time I Tour of London?

Zwiftpower is a third-party company. You may have to ask our friends at Zwiftpower.