Tour de OZ Results

Will the Tour de OZ results ever be finalized and accurate? I along with a lot of others are only showing we completed 2 events when we have actually completed all 3.

I just checked the league this morning, and it was showing riders as having finished 3 events. To be safe, I regenerated the results based on the events and it should now correctly show and rank everyone.

Thank you.

So we are still ignoring the fact the league results in B grade have 1st and 2nd to riders who sandbagged in C grade, got put in B grade and rewarded with a win and 2nd place because they rode the shorter C grade courses???


Not that it matters, Zwiftpower has a useless cat system. C and D grade dominated by heavy riders who sit in the bunch resting because of their watts advantage on the flat

I was in B grade because of an injury, jumped straight back into A grade as soon as I could because B grade is full of riders just cruising in the draft, they are easily capable of 4.3w/kg for 20 mins, but they don’t need to use it, hitting 4.1 w/kg for an hour and not being moved up in cat… If they did an A grade race, they’d be forced to use that 20min power…

Atleast in A grade you know where you stand.

These forums are a terrible step backwards, it was much better before when you had a direct link to the race forum in Zwiftpower. Lift your game Zwift…