Crit City Races

I enjoy these races but what annoys me is Higher Grade riders who insist on riding in lower grades so they can win.
I ride D grade 1-2.4 W/KG.
However D grade is always dominated by riders pushing 3.1 W/KG or above.
No big deal I know, just wish Zwift would push these riders into their correct grade.

Just my whinge for the day lol

Hi I know the feeling, however as they high grade riders they will automatically be DQ if registered with Zwift power

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Please vote for this : Auto-Assign Race Categories

The real issue with this is that the above category riders cause splits in the field. This makes say D riders would could maybe hang on in a normal situation get spit out the back. Only the strongest of the strongest hang on in the lead pack. If these riders were not there it’s very possible no real D rider initiates that type of break away. I did tdz stage 4 in B the other day. I was going too hard up the climb and then sort of cracked back to 3.8w/kg. Most of the group probably would have stayed going close to the same speed but there was a zpower rider that blew by and pulled people with him, he finished at 4.6w/kg. If he wasn’t there the race would have stayed more together.

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