Tour grading

Can I suggest that the grading be based on someone’s FTP or there last previous race. Someone who can maintain 3.9 w/kg should not be able to self select in D grade to blow everyone off the road. Maybe something like if they achieve 0.5 w/kg over the grade range then that grade is closed to them in future until they have a race where they finish an event with an average power within the grade range.

I raced D grade today, my first city Circuit Zwift race! Looking at the results only four of ALL riders in this race were actually eligible for D Grade based on their watts per kilo race results. End result - I raced on my own and came last, by many minutes… oh well!
I saw one guy hit over 6 watts per kilo at one stage which was a little frustrating.
Solution: D Grade should be greyed out as an option for any Zwifter who has over 2.5 w/kg as their average. Same for any event, so riders must ride the category according to Zwifts gradings.
You could consider having separate male/female results per race, that would be nice :slight_smile:
Maybe more people will be happy to race when they know they wont get smashed every time?
Just a thought from a newbie.

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Ha agreed Did the Maap stage 1 race today in D grade. The winner averaged 4W/Kg. Should be in A grade.
They need to police this stuff.

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Ouch! I haven’t done a race since… sorta put me off. Might as well just train hard instead! :smiley: