Totally confused....

(Ginja Ninja) #1

So, I bought the Zwift monthly account.  When I log-in, all I see are miles ridden pizza point and all that extraneous BS.  Where are course, how do I calibrate my trainer, personalize my ride?  Where are all of the features they sold me on during my trial run!


I am starting to think this is yet another conceptually genius idea with no real substance!  I think I want my 10 bucks back!


(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Timothy,

Sounds like you’re trying to run the game from our website. You will need to run Zwift, the program, from the application that was downloaded and installed on your computer.

(GARNIER Stephane) #3

Incredible !

(Declan McGlone - Kickr - Z50+) #4

Your account may have been moved to the Ohio Server. Don’t panic, it’s never been safer. Enjoy your Pizza :slight_smile:

(Jake Nahorniak) #5

Dear Zwift support,

My condolences for hitting your own head on the table multiple times due to this ridiculous support request.

(Ginja Ninja) #6

Thanks Zwift support, problem solved!  My apologies, I was frustrated and lashed out!

To the rest of you trolling choads, I was frustrated when I made my post; you are all simply mean!  Judgement must be easy from those sanctimonious ivory towers on which you’re all perched!



(Jake Nahorniak) #7

I was frustrated and lashed out as well, my apologies.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #8

Let’s all keep it civil, everyone! I’m just glad to know you’re up-and-riding.

Don’t let the saltiness throw you off, though. They’re really a good group of people once you get past it all :slight_smile: