Too slow

I am currently on a trial with Zwift and I really want to subscribe to the full package.

The problem I am having is I have to cycle at a ferocious pace to try and keep up with a pack. All that happens is everybody passes me.

I am using a Kinetic road machine ll smart , 

I am not very technical minded and have simply set the bike up as normal on the trainer, connected zwift using the set page and that’s it…am I missing something? 

i would appreciate any advice.

Take a look at this and see if it helps:


Will do Paul  thanks.

Can you just tell me should I have anymore kit, all I have is my trainer, bike  Zwift on my iphone, which I have link to a tv.

I keep reading about ant+ ,…am I missing something?

Hi John,

What speed sensor are you using on your bike? If you’re using Zwift on an iOS device, the ANT+ will not work as they are not supported on iOS, only Bluetooth.