Too frequently updates

Don’t update so frequently.
I must wait 5-10 minutes or more.
l don’t like this waiting time , when I am motivated.
At the very least, I want to have the option
of not updating now.

Updates are important because they add new features and address bugs that are typically introduced by adding new features and/or addressing bugs. Seriously though, avoiding them isn’t a good idea, and makes it harder for the support team and community to help if you have a problem. It’s best to be on the current version at all times.

5-10mins indicates your device (or internet connection) is slow, you should consider upgrading it because it shouldn’t take that long. Alternatively, swap to using Zwift via an app on a phone, tablet or Apple TV, where the game doesn’t automatically update immediately.


The issue isn’t the frequency of the updates, rather it’s how cancerous and frustrating the update process can be (On PC at least).

For example on my setup I run a pretty capable 11th gen i7 laptop with an eGPU. The last update sat at the downloading stage for 20 minutes with near 0 CPU usage or traffic. I had to unplug the laptop from the eGPU and restart the launcher before the update would actually get installed.

Zwift can be an absolute clown shower of stupid issues at times and the launcher is just another part of that.

A 20 minute installation time should only be for a complete fresh install, not an update.

It tells me there’s an issue your end. Whilst you might have a good spec setup, if it’s already running like a dog’s dinner it’ll not help.
Have you got an SSD fitted as that’ll make a huge difference.

Also are you experiencing bandwidth issues with you internet connection?

Problems with installation is not widespread and I’m afraid is usually indicative of a localised issue.

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As per the reply above, something’s wrong with your setup because it absolutely shouldn’t take that long. 20mins is enough for a full install of the entire game, let alone a game update.

It’s an Asus Zenbook Duo running Windows 11, PCI-E SSD, fast ram etc with a 1060 in a Razer Core in turn connected to a TV. The issue wasn’t a performance bottleneck somewhere as the installer wasn’t doing anything. Rather it was stuck waiting for something, I have no idea what.

Restarting the installer with the eGPU connected showed the same result, I suspect I could have left it over night and it still wouldn’t have updated so the time frame is somewhat irrelevant beyond how long it took me to get annoyed enough to start unplugging things :wink:

Zwift definitely doesn’t like fringe setups and unfortunately my laptop is about as fringe as it gets. 3 screens and 3 gpus. I actually have to disable the onboard mx450 as my performance is horrible despite it running on the TV connected directly to the 1060 and appearing to utilise it according to task manager.

He’s right. Updating should be pretty quick and nothing like 20 minutes. If you’re consistently taking 20 mins to update then something is wrong at your end.

Is there any particular reason why you seem to want to provoke an argument with my posts?

I’m here to to offer assistance and support to others based on my knowledge and experience much the same as everybody else.

It’s a shame you seek to question this consistently.

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For a comparison, my update to 1.25.0 took less than 3 minutes and the 1.25.2 update I did earlier took about 30 secs (Apple TV user).

Define ‘evidence’.

Didn’t you cancel your sub back in January? Are you only here to stir the pot, dont you have better things to do?

Where is your evidence that it is a fault with Zwift’s program that causes the update to fail or take more than 3 minutes? I have 3 systems (not fancy gaming systems), laptop, desktop, and samsung s21 ultra. All 3 downloaded and installed the update in around 3 minutes.

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This topic has served it’s time.

I don’t think it is constructive anymore.