Updates take too long

Please find a way of updating in the background whilst I’m riding , I’m tired of waiting and waiting for updates. The :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage:

Mine take approx 30 seconds. Maybe upgrade your broadband? :man_shrugging:


Or if you’ve got a HDD, upgrade to an SSD.

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Let’s see… how long has it been that Chrome/Firefox are updating their code in the background, making switching to a new version a 2-second event?

Now’ before anyone here starts banging the “mixed environment” drum, let me remind you this is currently the case - not all Zwift’s platforms update at the same time (and this can also be handled by deploying the updated in background, and triggering the switch to the a new version by server command, later, when most users have the update available - also done by Chrome/Firefox…)

Zwift can - and should - make this a seamless event. Forget SSD, link speed, “it only takes 30 sec” - it can be handled so that it will only take 2 seconds.

But, alas, Zwift.