Change how Zwift updates the app?

Can you please change how Zwift updates the app ?

I don’t want that messagebox saying zwift needs to apply an update.

The problem is, i start my computer, go change.
When computer is up, zwift has started.
Then after pressing Let’s go, i get the dreaded zwift needs to update.
Then i have to wait and wait and wait some more while zwift updating, pretty annoying.

If a update is needed, then apply the update then don’t nag me with useless messageboxes.

I hereby give permission to Zwift to update my app from now to eternity whenever
Zwift feels like it without any interaction from me at all :slight_smile:

Do you have Background Updating checked (not that it helps much)?

Updating should not take more than a minute to complete.

I don’t know what background updating does in the background. I have it selected, but I still have the process that Bjorn describes. The Windows 10 PC has been on for a while, I click on the Zwift icon to start Zwift, and I still get a two step manual process of allowing the update.

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