Updating time waisting

The updates defeats the point of using Zwift- I ride 2/3 times a week with limited time and the updates take hours to install, i run out of time to use the trainer - what’s the point

What device takes that long to update? Is it ATV or iPhone/iPad?

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I have seen this comment before, but for me the updates take less than 2 minutes usually

If you fire up the companion app before you head to your trainer they have started putting a warning at the top of the app so you can know if there’s an update to install

If your system takes hours to install updates, then you officially have a potato (credit @Nathan_Guerra_Vision)


Zwift will automatically background-update when the launcher sits in taskbar notification area (for those that allow it…), and “background updating” is selected.

Yes. You must have a potato. The last update took me about 10 seconds to install.