Today's Plan Access for ZA 2021?

Hi is anyone else experiencing the same problem as I am accessing Today’s Plan?

  • I have a TP account from Zwift Academy last year.
  • My Zwift and TP accounts are still linked.
  • When I tick the accept T&C’s box and click “Link Current Account” (as stated it’s already linked) a dialogue box pops up and says there will be more information in my email.
  • I don’t receive the email from Zwift. I have all communications turned on in my email preferences.

Today I’ve checked TP to ensure my Zwift dashboard has activated - it has not. TP is telling me to renew my premium membership and showing only sample data.

I will be un-linking/re-linking my account to see if this helps. But I suspect the broken link here might be the missing email instructions.



Hi I have the same issue , Is there any update on this?


same issue here

Same issue for me.

Same issue here. Hope someone posts a suggested way to fix this soon.

Un-linking and re-linking the TP account worked for me!

Thank you @Sonja_Weber_RIDE4CF , this has now worked for me too

Same. I tried the unlink/re-link tactic and it did NOT work for me. Hoping that posting this here magically resolves the problem.

Same issue for me.

Unlink the accounts on, leave it unlinked. then go to the academy page and relink them there. This is what worked for me.


Genius! That worked for me. Tricky tricky! :slight_smile:

Magic! That also worked for me as well. Many thanks :slight_smile:

@ImperialJim that worked for me as well.
Now to make sense of all the data :face_with_monocle:

Worked for me too! Anyone know if it’s possible to see your previous ZA data in Today’s Plan?

Removing the connection and then re-adding from the academy website worked for me as well. However, I do not see any academy 2021 events/workouts to add from the library. Its all 2020 academy.

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Unlink/re link didn’t work for me either.

Hey all - we’re looking into this with our friends at Today’s Plan.

Signing up from the Academy landing page should trigger the link to Today’s Plan.

The extra step that @ImperialJim suggested - to first disconnect and existing link to Today’s Plan on your web profile](The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App) - seems to have done the trick for some on this thread.

I’m able to link everything (and I tried the unlink/re-link as well), but it’s not showing my Baseline ride from yesterday. There is also Zwift Academy Road 2020 workouts in the library, but nothing for 2021.

Thank you! Worked for me too.

I can’t seem to get this to work :frowning: can someone please help? I’ve tried clicking all the links and all that was suggested but it doesn’t seem to have worked, unless when I’ve unlinked and re linked it doesn’t upload old workouts and will upload any I do going forward?