todays plan not syncing since Academy started

(Shaun Elphick V52) #1

Since I started riding the Academy todays plan does not upload Zwift rides automatically, is a link broken?

(Phil Clarke) #2

there was an issue but I think it should be corrected now.  go to the ‘Connections’ settings under your Zwift profile and try to re-link Zwift to Today’s Plan.

Good luck!

(Vincent W.) #3

Feel free to update us when you can Shaun! Thanks for the advice Phil. :) 

(Shaun Elphick V52) #4

Both Zwift and Todays plan seem to now have links established but historical rides were not uploaded.  I will see what happens when I complete my next Zwift/Academy ride (hopefully today).

(Ed Hernández) #5

I just noticed that exact same issue with my accounts.  I manually revoked and reestablished connections between Zwift and Today’s Plan without any success.  I suppose that I’ll manually upload the workouts to Today’s Plan while I pursue a solution through a help ticket.

(Shaun Elphick V52) #6

I completed a ZA grp w/out today and it has uploaded automatically to todays plan.  The links seem to be working correctly now.