Zwift Academy and Todays Plan

Hi, can someone point me to the ‘Opt In’ in Zwift Academy for Todays Plan. tried to create an account manually and connect Zwift, however, this did not work. Plus the account I created only lasts 7 days\

Thanks in advance


I also felt like I was going around in circles with this. For me, I was able to fix the issue once I confirmed my email via the link sent to me from Today’s Plan. Hopefully, you’re having the same issue - easy fix!

Hi @Stuart_McIntosh6977 welcome to Zwift forums.
I’m assuming you completed the registration on Training Plan’s end. You have to confirm the email you use.

Also: have you connected to Today’s Plan in your profile page? This is the same place you would connect your Strava account, or your Garmin Connect account if you use those services. Details are here.

Hi Shuji, thank you for the response. I have managed to get the connection to work.

Appreciate the help


Thank you Simone - got it to work. Really appreciate you taking the time to help me.