Today Plan / Stages-Link - with ZA

So I have an account with ‘Stages-Link’ with my Stages Smart Bike - which is a service from Stages Cycling that utilizes the Today’s Plan platform and interface.

I can successfully link my Stages-Link account with Zwift, using the Today’s Plan connection permissions - and my Zwift rides are successfully uploaded to Stages-Link.

What I don’t get is what benefit do I get with the Zwift Academy? Supposedly there is further dashboards, reporting and analytics - but I cannot see them.

The dashboard is already customised with the Stages-Link logo, and not Today’s Plan nor the Academy Logo as per the info on here:

Any ideas? I had assumed the training schedule would of been prepopulated or something similar.


I have the same issue. Unlike other Zwift workouts that sync to Stages-Link with the title in Zwift, the ZA Road: Workout #1 ride I did today was saved under a previously scheduled Stages Workout rather than an additional workout. (I could edit the title). If I actually do the Stages-Workout later today, I am concerned it will over write the ZA file.