Titans Grove Rwverse KOM Gradient

I haven’t seen this listed elsewhere, so sorry if I’ve missed it.

Since the Titans Grove expansion I’ve been trying to figure out the reverse KOM. The in-game sidebar lists it at 0.55 miles @ 6.6% gradient. But when riding up I never see a gradient higher than 5% in the mini-map. So how can the overall climb be 6.6% if there aren’t any sections that even hit 6%? Is the sidebar incorrect, or is the mini-map incorrect?

According to the ZwiftInsider Strava segment, the reverse climb is 4.3% average, so you’re correct and the side panel is wrong.

Never noticed that on the side bar, but you are correct in that while riding it, one never sees more than ~5.4%. I think that’s briefly near the start of the KOM.

Per Strava: