Average Gradient bug?

Hello, since some time I noticed that average gradient on segments are quite lower than was before. Does this mean the Watopia is becoming flatter? or its a bug?
for example, AdZ has now 4,2% average gradient. easy peasy :smiley:


Bug has been around a couple of weeks, since version 1.50. I’ve reported it to Zwift Support, who at first advised me to do a reinstall of Zwift. Seems to be a standard reply these days, think Zwift may be employing bots for support now? But anyway, after I mailed them that it is probably a bug because other people experience it as well, they replied that the issue is being escalated. If it’s just a visual error, then it’s no big deal, but if calculations are somehow based on these gradients, then it needs solving.
I think the issue might be connected to the new portal climb gradient scaling options coming soon. Strange thing is that I noticed that all Watopian climbs had a 50% lower avg gradient than normal, but the Portal Climb (Col du Platzerwasel) was correct.


You might be on to something with the gradient scaling.

There’s been something screwy with the gradients in the leader-boards lately. The reverse Epic KOM had the problem and I think maybe the Volcano KOM as well. As these two climbs have been used in the last couple of stages of the Tour of Watopia it has made them more noticeable.

EDIT: I just checked the Volcano KOM, Zwift is saying it’s 1.6% average gradient while Zwift Insider says it’s 3.2%. Half the gradient ZI says it should be. Hmmm.

It wanted to test if gradient scaling made a difference but I don’t seem to have that option on iPad. Or I do have gradient scaling I couldn’t find it.

Any chance it’s tied to the trainer difficulty setting?

My trainer difficulty was 100% and I saw 3.2% on Epic KOM rev yesterday. Somewhere else it was broken too.

Got confirmation from Zwift support that it will be fixed in an upcoming release.


Not linked no.

Hi, re the gradient difficulty settings - I swore on the past I’d seen a setting on Zwift or the companion app that allowed me to change the difficulty of gradient (e.g. 50%) but I can’t see it anywhere on Zwift. Am I just imagining this and the only place it can be changed is in the app for the turbo trainer, in my case Tacx? Thanks in advance, Nick

You are probably thinking of trainer difficulty which can decrease the feel of the gradient. At default 50% a 5% incline feels like 2.5%. Etc… this setting is found in the game menu only, not companion app.

And you need the Resistance device paired to see the Trainer Difficulty setting.

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Or possibly on the approach of the climb portals? There’ll be the on screen options for 50% / 75% / 100% / 125% gradient simulation there as well?