Titan Life S80 Pro Spinning


I just invested in a spinning bike with Zwift support. It seems to work as intended but with few thoughts, I would like to hear others’ experiences with this bike.

Having trouble getting high wattage on flat roads for example, candense around 90 gives only about 80 wattage and low speed. Maybe correct?

Did a test run 8km and got 0.9w/kg average, felt a little low but perhaps i am a potato.

So anyone else out there with this bike?

Where did you see that bike as being supported by Zwift? I am not seeing it on Zwift Support Indoor bike list.

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Hi @Pat_Lind

Did you try to increase the resistance this should increase the wattage.

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Maybe the wording is wrong, not supported but compatible with Zwift.

Yes, that was my first thought but when I manually change the resistance level on the bike it changes back. Think it’s Zwift that sets it back, it has a built-in controller.

I don’t know how other bikes work but I think if you manually change resistansen it should stay and use that level as reference level?