Stationary (spin) bike ,buying tips.!

I’m looking to buy a stationary bike to use at home. And would like to get it setup to be used with zwift. Any tips or features I should be looking out for.

Do you want a stationary bike or a smart trainer?

Here is a link for compatible hardware:

I’ve recently bought a Schwinn IC8 for £900 and automatically connects to zwift. Has a power meter built in, along with speed and cadence, however haven’t worked out whether it is genuinely resistance controllable even though it says it connects…
Watts seem too high too so waiting on a Zwift support reply!

Fantastic bike though, not just quiet but absolutely silent!!

You mean the Life Fitness IC8? It only broadcast watts, but connects via ANT+ and BLE. Here is a link to Zwift Hardware and the IC8 does not have a check mark for Controlled Resistance:

No it’s definitely a Schwinn IC8. It’s a relatively new bike and it isn’t even listed at all on the Zwift site as supported, but does indeed say that it is all connected…

The watts output must be way too high, I just can’t see a way of calibrating it!!

I’m often averaging 5+w/kg and whilst I’m in decent shape, I’m not in that good a shape!:joy:

Hey Andy,

I recently gave a try to the IC8 in a local reseller and I was quite disappointed by the maximum resistance. At level 100 I could easily keep on going, do you experience the same?
I’m frequent rider but I expected the resistance could go much higher. I doubt it can simulate a tough climb

I’m not sure if you can adjust the resistance yourself to make each ‘level’ stronger…
I bought it based on how sturdy, strong and quiet it is, rather than simulating climbs, as I’m looking for building fitness more than anything.
I’m more disappointed at the power output being too high and as such Zwift doesn’t give me accurate output so I’ve had to increase my weight by 20kg on Zwift to try and get more realistic w/kg but hoping they’ll release a firmware update at some point.