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I wonder if people can help me out. So i started spinning more after a running injury and have started to gradually increase time and distance on bike(life cycle GX) probably averaging out 50 or so miles a week. I know for some this is not much. I’m enjoying this and looking to upgrade to a new bike so i have sold my existing one. I’m thinking of purchasing a ic7 or ic8 can these be used on zwift to participate in training and racing and if so how(remember i have never used this before app before. The plan is for me to by a new or secondhand road bike in the spring around the 2-3k mark. I would use this time to train properly so i am fit to really enjoy the new bike and hobby. Does anyone have experience of these bikes and how to pair up etc. Connect to Iwatch,phone,tv etc. The only thing i was worried about was the apparent noise of ic8.i know there was the Wattbike atom but i thought d I really need this. Sorry if this is a bit of a basic question but a bit confused by everything,

IMO skip the spin bike and get a real bike and a smart trainer. No matter what Schwinn says, the IC4/8 are not really compatible without a lot of grief and effort…several threads on this forum. Only way to get spin bikes to work is to also get a power meter…pedals are the easiest. At that level of cost just get a bike and a smart trainer.

You can get a bike a regular fluid trainer but you will need a speed sensor (or power meter).

Just get a bike and a smart trainer.


I agree with Chris, I would recommend you buy a road bike and a smart trainer. It’ll probably make it easier for you to transition from trainer to the road when you are ready to go out. Good luck and enjoy the ride!


Don’t buy a spin bike.

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Thankyou so much for advice. Okay I guess that’s what I need to do. I wasn’t sure but you have confirmed it’s probably better in the long run. Say like the Watt bike atom how robust are they with servicing and rusting etc with sweat. Or pretty reliable as far as you know. And that I will be able to use straight off. I was probably in for about 1200-1600 anyway. My set up at bottom of garden

Nice workout cave!

Watt bike is nice but some issues with power accuracy per some of the threads in this forum. I do not know how prevalent or inaccurate.

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Adding a link here for anyone else researching a smart trainer or smart bike purchase: Zwift Insider’s new Smart Trainer Index has the web’s largest database of smart trainer reviews, specs, and recommendations.

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Thankyou so much for your replies and helping me out here. You will be glad to know I am now looking for a bike. Popping to a shop today to get a rough idea on bike sizes(I am 5’11” and I think 56-58 bike) and shoe sizes. I have purchased a Taxc Neo 2T(arrives in just over a week). And a second hand bike for now maybe with a budget of up to 3-500 (or do I have to definitely spend more) pounds at the most,any suggestions? Then next year spring maybe around 2-3000 pounds. Am I I right in thinking 11 speed as I’m not sure on the gears and stuff. Is there something I will have to buy to show Zwift or Taxc virtual rides on TV screen as well.
Kind regards James

Nice trainer! Nothing like going in full bore! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

If using Apple, ATV 4K has a Zwift App that works well for me, and most. If using PC, hdmi cable out.

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Hi, go with any road bike you fancy. On my Tacx I have a Cannondale Synapse 10 speed and a Trek Emonda 11 speed for going out on the road. I hope you enjoy the smart trainer. Zwift is brilliant, you’ll love it!!

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Thanks for replies. Well I just thought with the trainer just buy it once and it’s done. Obviously I am only used to a spin bike and tried the Taxc out on Thursday. Well with the virtual screen,riding over cobbles etc, amazing! So yes for now I will get as reasonably cheap bike as I can and get something very nice for the spring. I sat on a road bike for the first time for many years. The last time I sat on a racer I think I was about 12 and they had levers on the down tube😂 Once I have the bike I may need to ask a few little questions for best way of how everything works in a simple way. Again Thankyou for helping me out. And to think I was going to get another spin bike☺️

Hi there
If you run Zwift on a computer I would also recommend getting an “ANT+” USB Antenna and placing it really close to your Tacx if you ever start experiencing connection issues (dropouts) between your smart trainer and computer. It might not be the case for you, but If you have any trouble try “ANT+” first.

I bought a Tacx Flux2 and right from the beginning I was having constant dropouts connection via bluetooth (on a Mac) and I tried everything I read on internet to solve the problem, I won’t list them here because it is just too long. I was blaming zwift app for it, then tacx, finally I decided to try the last advice which was using “ANT+” protocol instead of “Bluetooth”. All issues were magically gone, not a single dropout. I wish I knew this beforehand It would have saved me a month worth of frustration.

Wish you the best experience, Zwift is just so much fun.

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