Timed Rides, Categories and Finishing Order on Zwiftpower

As many of us are aware, rides based upon time rather than distance do not have an accurate, or even close to reality, finishing order in Zwiftpower. As near as I can tell it is completely random, which seems to be incredibly weird. The distance each participant rode during the event is extremely accurately measured and recorded in the log and this is reflected in the data sent to Strava. Why Zwift cannot reflect this in the published finishing order is amazing to me.

In today’s Dutch Diesel ride which was listed as a 90 minute category C ride on the Watopia Ocean Lava Cliffside route. A great time was had by all including your correspondent. A group of A’s and B’s rode off the front since there was no Fence and kept the pace brisk rewarding us with a good, hard ride. Upon finishing, I checked the ZP finish list expecting to see a mish-mash of riders but in this case, the groups were separated by category. This is the first time I’ve seen this.

I don’t believe the finishing order was anything more than random but perhaps this is a step in that direction.

Check it out: ZwiftPower - Login

That was a fix time event there’s no winner in a fix time event.

Results are all random.


Exactly so. That’s part of the point of this thread: Why can’t there be an accurate finishing roster instead of a random list of finishers? Makes no sense. The fixed distance rides, which is pretty much the balance of the rides, have a finishing list that reflects each participants position across the line (unless the organizer turns off the standings).

Why are the timed events different? The data has to be available.

In today’s event they even parsed out the individual riders’ category in the standings. Just not where they finished relative to each other. This also tends to show it would not be a problem for Zwift to prevent down category race entry. On the whole, it is very frustrating to see these things and NOBODY at ZHQ seems to care enough to respond to these requests.

Probably because it is a ride and not a race. Everyone finish at the same time.

If you want accurate results then enter a race.

I really wish there was a option to show rider position during the ride but no results or ZP results.

Having people racing group rides is a annoyance to group ride leaders.


Yeah, I hear you but like I said, the distance based events have accurate standings at the finish unless it’s manually shut off by the organizers. I’ve only been in a coupla those kind of events so it seems to be the exception rather than the rule for distance events. Every single timed event I’ve entered has completely random standings at the end.

And the entire “Enter a race if you want to see results” thing doesn’t wash. For one thing, there may not be a race that fits my schedule or needs. Second, anytime you have to bicyclists going in the same direction you have a race and that’s why there are usually flyers in these rides. In today’s referenced ride, there was no fence and the A’s and B’s took advantage of that. The Ride Leader today had no problem with it.

When they fence it and ask everybody to stay behind it, I do that and most of the other riders do that too. Of course, when Zwift sends out their monthly Bugdate and the fence gets broken, this can be a problem for some of our more OCD RL’s…

people need to stop trying to win group rides

different types of events work differently, so if you’re concerned about standings at the end timed group rides or workouts are probably not what you’re looking for. Sure the timed ride may be the only thing that fits in your schedule but those are the breaks…

I would imagine that there may be some people that enjoy the lack of results/competitive ranking from some events and they should be able to have that as well.

IMO if I do a timed group ride, there’s no reason to even look at results at zwiftpower because that wasn’t the point of that workout.


I just don’t think the data is there. ZwiftPower takes data from Zwift and if there isn’t a leaderboard generated at the end of the ride then there simply isn’t any data for ZwiftPower to arrange results by. Notice how there is no distance field in the results on ZwiftPower? How can you arrange results by distance if there is no distance data? ZwiftPower can arrange by time (and by category) because there is a time (and category) field.


I can’t wait for Fence 2.0 to be launched.


isn’t that because in a “group ride” people ae expected to ride as a group and not “win” off the front?
If a fence were enabled they would be DQ anyway,

Anyone know if distance/correct finishing order is possible to be captured in ZwiftPower yet? I’d like to play around with one of my events and turn it into a timed race, where furthest distance traveled wins. I know WTRL achieved this with their duathlon series, but they may have done the results completely outside of ZP?

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