ZWIFTPower Group ride with limited time duration - wrong result

I have problems with group ride results in zwifpower. When I finish Group ride with fixed time duration (etc. 60 min, 90 min …) my position is always at the end of all participants. I know that I finished within top 15 or 20% of all participants but I get always wrong position. When I filter positions according to Wats or W/Kg I am on higher places. When I do group rides with fixed distance I don’t have this problem. Any idea how to fix that?

Hi Rudi - all timed group rides generally have random finishing list but thats also influenced by your network latency - theory being you all finish at the same time so you cant finish first or last.

Thanks a lot for your explanation. It makes some sense and also explains why sometimes the first riders have very low wattage on flat route.
But you also made me sad because one week ago I won the group ride in cat B. So I realised I just had luck :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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