Time Trial (TT) only route that is not an event-only route

I’d like to see a TT only route in Watopia, like there is for the MTB with steering, i.e. you may only ride the route if you’re on a TT frame. The Tempus Fugit Strava segment is so full of times set by pelotons blazing through at speeds unachievable on your own on a TT bike it is frustrating. It would be great to see a route, perhaps hooking off Tempus Fugit, that is 25 miles (40 km) long with a dedicated start and finish banner and route achievement and jersey so that time trialists and triathletes can train and race on it without draft-enabled races ruining the leaderboard both in-game and externally on Strava.

Interesting idea, but one route! Maybe better would be to separate TT personal records from drafting road bike records.