The Recovery Skills Challenge

I am a PhD looking at the patterns of recovery athletes use between hard workouts. Specifically, my PhD looks at how recovery doesn’t have to be about owning the most expensive tools – great recovery is about choosing the right approach at the right time for you individually. This involves a set of skills that any athlete can practice and improve to boost their training.

I am looking for men and women of any fitness or performance level to participate in the final study of my PhD, which explores these skills using The Recovery Challenge:

Complete two specific hard workouts on Zwift, 48 hours apart, with the goal of recovery for workout 2 to perform as well as you can across both workouts. In the lead-up to each workout, you’ll be asked to complete a series of very short forms about your state of recovery, stress, and use of self-regulation.

Check out the attached poster for the study website and sign-up link.