The Espada Challenge [May 2024]

Ready to take on Big Mig?

We are bringing you the Espada Challenge! Test your limits riding with the legendary legs of the “Big Mig” Robopacer and try to set your own hour record on The Speed of The Sword, Pinarello’s iconic time-trial machine.

Starting May 3, 2024 - May 5, 2024, we will have events running every two hours where you can test your limits against the Big Mig Robopacer which will ride at a record-setting pace of 6.3 w/kg or 509.5watts. You’ll definitely want to make sure you have warmed up before dropping into this event!!! In order to experience the thrill of the Espada Challenge, you will have to be on game version 1.64. To learn more about the current version, click here.

Miguel Indurain set a blistering world record on the velodrome using the Pinarello Espada in 1994 and this is your chance to set your own record in Watopia on the very special event-only virtual Pinarello Espada. Since the bike is event-only, there will be no unlocks for this event other than unlocking your own PR!

To learn more, you can check out the FAQ here or the event page here.

The About tab in game settings is conveniently new with Zwift game version 1.64. If you don’t see this in game settings, you won’t have the Espada either.

Shame there are no unlocks. We got the ZIPP kit for the Zipp High Desert Speed Challenge back in 2019. :smiley:

That one had events every 30 minutes too, which is easier to fit into a schedule than once every 2 hours, particularly as the event itself is 60 minutes long.

Any chance of more scheduled starts?

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Big Mig needs an hour between events to recuperate. :joy:


If we never finish the ride, exit and or save. Could we do a turn-around and keep the bike?


The event seems set up as a race with a fixed time. So is the winner the person with the longest distance in one hour?

Easy! My Zpower trainer is being delivered, no problems to ride at steady 1000 watts.

That is what will happen I’m sure.

The bike should be the unlock.

Going 500+ watts for as long as I can and then getting dropped feels oddly close to many of the races I’ve joined on Zwift :slight_smile:


The order on ZP seems to be pretty random but the “winners” got decent ranking points.

in theory yes but zwiftpower has no way to measure distance that i’m aware of so it’s just a random order. It really should be setup as group ride in ZP.

Any chance the results in Zwift power will be corrected? That was a lot of effort for a wrong result.

Someone mentioned rather a lot of folk can match BigMig for an hour, or go even better.

Didn’t realise there were so many extremely high performing elite athletes around on Zwift. :rofl:

I saw the event yesterday but timing wasn’t right.

Draft is active so while Mig is doing 510W people who can do just over 4w/kg for an hour could stay in his draft. There was only 2 people who had over 300W in the event I did and about 8 people finished with the pace bot so it shows how effective drafting was.

The only exceptional performance I saw in the ride I did was the guy who lost 45kg the day of the ride before putting on 30kg later in the day.


I nearly spat out my coffee! :wink: Amazing ability. :rofl:

The event works, he remains 15kg lighter than before for future races. :roll_eyes:

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The race results for the Espada Challenge races on ZwiftPower are wrong. Positions are simply assigned randomly, giving random ranking changes, when they should have been assigned by distance travelled over the 1 hour. Will this be fixed?

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Unlikely, races using time instead of distance have always done this, as far as I can remember.

I realise that’s how they show up by default, but there’s no reason they couldn’t (or shouldn’t) re-order the results.

I’m pretty sure zwiftpower is not capable of ranking by distance.

I think I read somewhere that Zwift is now ranking the Duathlon ride by distance, on ZwiftPower?

Here’s one of those events. The gray arrow in the left column indicates the positions have been adjusted. Probably would have to ask WTRL how they do it. I can’t tell if it’s correct or not.

This really provides false info on racing stats… I came in 51st in the Espada race but got placed 4th by Zwiftpower and got a 44 point boost in my race ranking… unfortunate…