The cyclist (me) doesn't move

i just downloaded the zwift app to practice spinning bike at home. everything was fine, pairing the sensor, the options, etc., but when you start a session, the "my avatar " is not moving .
I have it on a 2014 iPad Air with software version 12.5.5 and with an available capacity of 3.86 GB, it may not work for the device?


You’ll have to give us more detail on speed sensor you are using.

Most spin bikes don’t have one by default so the most likely way of recording this is via power meter pedals.

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iPadOS is also now at 15.4.1, so you might look into updating that, if you are able.

my speed sensor is it wahoo fitness cadence, thanks

A cadence sensor won’t work for calculating speed in Zwift.

See this post: