The circle around an unused power up sometimes flashes

What does this mean?

I think it flashes to remind you you’ve not used it when you pass another power up point.

I’ll have to watch for that. I feel like sometimes it flashes immediately on acquisition, though. Maybe I’m wrong.

It seems to be a bug introduced a few updates ago. It will flash continuously and constantly from the time you get it (at least on Apple iOS it will).

It will stop flashing if you click/tap anywhere on the screen.

I think I figured it out. If I press left-arrow, right-arrow, or down-arrow when I have an unused power up, the circle around it starts flashing. If I press up-arrow or move the mouse, the circle stops flashing.

Fascinating, but the utility of this feature escapes me.

when it is flashing if you press enter or space bar does it activate it?

Space bar definitely activates it. I’ll have to check on enter.

Yes, enter works too.

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