Android link power ups

On a few occasions I’ve met an issue where power ups on computer screen don’t reflect on the android app. The app thinks I haven’t got one when the computers says I have. Because of this, I can’t activate it or clear it from the phone and only way is to get off the bike and use the keyboard.

All other metrics work fine though such as real time power data etc?

Hi Craig,

Huh, that’s odd. Could you take a snapshot of both when you get a chance?

Instead of creating a new thread I figured I could hijack this one. I too have experienced this on more than one occasion. After some trying to recreate the scenario, I have successfully done so when I have a power up and have selected to use it (on the phone app), but before it expires, I go through another marker and am up for another power up. Once the new one has gone through the roulette, and the original one expires, the new one shows on the screen as being available, but on the phone app it shows no power ups. Restarting the app does not make it available. The only way to active it at this point would be through the keyboard.