Power ups simple question

I love the power up concept in the game but have noticed that whenever I go through a finish line and it starts flashing I don’t seem to gain any. Do I have to click somewhere at that very moment to get it or does that mean I have some already and need to use them up? Can you have more than one stored? I’ve read the guide someone wrote but it’s not making sense to what I’m seeing.

The power up is automatically awarded. No user interaction is needed. You never have more than one power up. And power ups are not stored.

Some awards are XPs which are immediately added to your account. Also, races/events can, I believe, be set up to award no power ups. So it is possible to ride through an award location and have no power up after passing through.

Here’s an article:

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Here’s information directly from Zwift:

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It’s also possible you are using a TT bike, in which case you just get the 10 XP at each arch instead of the Power Up spinner.