Auto use power ups


It would be nice while riding zwift, to auto-use powerups.
Generally, once i am started i don’t want to press buttons.
So start, set camera mode and route and go.

I really only care about the level bonus powerups, so i will auto use the others a few seconds after they appear, even when they don’t make sense (no one in front of me and i trigger the big truck aero advantage from the rider in front).

Or they could simply trigger a small bonus (and randomly generate the larger bonus once in a while)

This would kind of defeat the object of most of the power ups.  

You wouldn’t want to use the feather or the drafting power up as soon as you went under the start finish banner as they would give little or no benefit.  The whole idea is to use them tactically to give you speed when you need it.

The XP bonus ones get applied automatically anyway, so as you say they are the only ones you care about, just ignore them and they will get replaced next time you go under a banner.

You should use the TT bike then, since the only “Powerup” you get is +10 XP.

Paul, is it not possible to get the larger and rarer XP boost on the TT bike?

Not that I have noticed.

Paul - Thanks!  The TT bike would solve my issue perfectly.