XP power up not auto-using

ATV, title. ATV not auto using XP power up. Can manually use, but companion shows nothing.

I’m afraid I really don’t understand the question.

The XP power up isn’t something you “use” it just adds to your existing XP.

Sorry, will try to explain differently. The XP power up should “auto-use” but it sits there in my power up, waiting to be used. Obviously this is normal for feather, aero, etc but the XP should just be used. The companion doesn’t show it, either, so I need to ‘use’ it manually via the remote. Once I use it I do get the XP.

Just to mention I had this exact problem on the “Off the Maap” Stage 1 (A) 13:00 BST ride today - had to run zwift on my phone (Moto Z3, Android 9) rather than my usual PC, and the 3 times I collected a power up on the route I had to manually click the powerup icon to add the 10XP (as above, no powerup was being listed in the companion app, and all I got were XP PUs).

First time I’ve used the phone for a ride in a while, so no idea if that was just coincidental. Will try another ride on it tomorrow just to sate my curiosity.